The Importance of Web Analytics

All businesses have the desire to enhance their website visitors’ customer experiences. It is important for companies to project a strong online presence. A good website has the potential to increase a company’s exposure. It also enhances better communication with current and potential clients. The ultimate goal of a company is for website engagement to be converted into profit. That is the nature of a business enterprise. However, a nice-looking and busy website is not enough. There should be a step-by-step plan and a focused strategy in order to reach that ultimate goal to create revenue.

In order to build a strategic plan, an accurate analysis of data is needed. This is what web analytics is for. Just what is the exact meaning of web analytics? What does it entail? Web analytics has several processes. It entails measuring, collecting, analyzing, and reporting of data that is taken from the internet. The main purpose of this endeavor is for the company to understand and maximize the use of the worldwide web. The company can use data in a number of ways to reach their goal such as determining their demographics and knowing and refining their marketing strategies.

There are actually web analytics tools that are commonly used by companies today. They provide data that companies need. Some essential data include referring links, bounce rates, page views, and time on site of visitors. Many companies install Google Analytics, as it is the toll that is most commonly used by many businesses. However, there are other alternatives to Google Analytics that are equally good or even better in terms of data such as Clicky, Mixpanel, Kissmetrics, Mint, and Chartbeat. Most of these analytics tools provide real-time traffic information and market segmentation on visitors using mobile, laptop, or desktop applications.

web analyticDoing web analytics can be an extra challenge for companies. In fact, in a recently conducted study, many companies are looking for capable and credible people who can do web analytics. Many companies declare this position as the biggest talent gap in their organization. Data skills are now fast becoming one of the most significant assets of a company. In this information age, everything is dependent on data. Companies make their decisions based on performance data, product data and all other types of information.

There are just too much data to look out for, and what type of information that should be used could lead to confusion. The question is, what is the most important data that your company needs? How do you turn this data into a successful marketing campaign? Companies usually need guidance in getting the most usable information. They most especially need help in interpreting data. How will they use these in order to reach their business goals? An internet marketing company such as will be able to assist companies in creating a solid, strategic marketing plan based on web analytics. Our two strengths in terms of web analytics are technological capabilities and data analysis skills. At, we assure guidance in interpreting data and a result-oriented action plan.

What are the steps in developing and implementing a strong analytics program for your company? Here’s the sure-fire process that we employ at

  • Identifying essential metrics for your company
  • Creating a strategic plan
  • Collecting data using web analytics tools
  • Developing reporting features
  • Continuous analysis of data
  • Implementation of plans

All of the steps should be done equally well, and should be well understood by the company. If this all works together the business will be able to make the right decisions at the right time and yield a profit. For example, one metric is determining the most popular pages on a company’s site. Knowing this information, a company can now develop a content strategy based on these popular pages. The strategy could either be developing more content across all website pages with the same popular topic or theme, or building interaction within the popular content to generate more user participation or traffic.

This data building plan is not just a one-time process. A company culture that values what data can bring to the company will surely bring success because it ensures that all key business decisions are driven by data. That being said, a consistent commitment to the process of data building and data analysis should be employed by the company.

If you are a company who wants to find out how your website is performing and would like to make it better, visit and we will be glad to help you.

Everything There Is To Know About Movable Cubicles

Movable Cubicles are an ideal solution for people’s storage needs. They are quite useful for those who want to declutter their homes, and can aid in making their living space habitable again. These containers are easy to use and renting or buying one is quite convenient and hassle free. It’s no wonder that more people are turning to portable containers.

Before the invention of portable containers, when people ran out of space in their house to keep their belongings, they would go to a public storage facility and rent a unit. This lets them store away their excess things, enabling them to keep their house clean and tidy. The good news is that they get to reclaim some much needed space in their residence.

The bad news is that keeping a storage unit can be a massive inconvenience since in order to deposit their belongings, individuals would have to drive to the facility. This is especially difficult if they need to store things like furniture, appliances, and sports gear. They would have to have a pick up truck or hire professional service to transport their things. Not to mention that they would have to go through this same routine whenever they need to retrieve their belongings.

Some Common Uses Of  Movable Cubicles Are As Follows:

Movable Cubicles can be kept inside one’s property. They can be stationed in the driveway, backyard, basement, or even indoors. They come in different sizes, ranging from 20 ft, 40 ft to 45 ft. The exterior is made from corrugated steel and have been designed to be weatherproof so that they can withstand the elements. These containers are also waterproof so that if they are placed outdoors even if it’s raining outside, their contents will be kept safe and dry. They also have built-in vents that help maintain good ventilation.

Movable Cubicles have been designed to be versatile and customizable.This is why so many people love them. They can be used for various purposes other than storage. A lot of individuals utilize these containers as housing by modifying the interior of the cubicle. Windows can be drilled into to the walls so that the container can have a view of the outside world. An electrical outlet can also be installed so that lights can be added.


For temperature regulation, air-conditioning or a heater can also be installed. This way, the inside of the cubicle becomes comfortable and suitable to be lived in despite the many different weather conditions that present in the environment they are placed in. Other creative modifications that can be done to these containers would be adding some shelves and fancy door knobs, reinforcing the security locks and repainting both the interior and exterior of the cubicle to make it look more like a shelter.

Another use for these containers is for storing supplies. Restaurants and supermarkets can use these as a portable supply room. Pantry shelves can be added to the interior of the cubicle for better organization of the products that are placed inside it.

In most areas, a permit is required in order to keep a cubicle in one’s property. Those who are interested in purchasing a portable storage might want to check first what the regulations are in their area regarding the ownership of a portable cubicle. These containers can also be rented; they will be delivered directly to a client’s location and be picked up once they don’t need them anymore. Those who are planning on customizing a cubicle to fit their specifications would have to buy one to keep since manufacturers don’t allow customers to make modifications on a rented container.

Movable Cubicles nowadays are being used in many creative ways. They are adaptable and can be customized to fit in different kinds of environment. The best thing about them is that they can help improve people’s living conditions. This is why many people are investing in these containers for both personal and commercial purposes.

Benefits of Using ID Lanyards

ID-LanyardsID Lanyards are popularly used in many companies, hospitals, schools, and even prison facilities. These lanyards can also be worn on public gatherings like concerts, trade fairs and conventions.

Lanyards have come a long way. These were originally used as cords or ropes to secure objects in place. Typically worn around the neck, shoulder or wrist, their appearances and functions have evolved throughout the years. However, the basic functions of these lanyards remained the same and these include securing an object and placing it within arm’s-length of the user.

ID Lanyards became sought-after accessories because of the following:

1. Ease of Use

In the early years, IDs were pinned to the clothes using pins or snaps.

It presented a difficulty when the clothes are fragile or can easily snag and tear. So, most employees wear their identification cards pinned to the belt holder of their pants or even to their bags.

With the introduction of the lanyards, this kind of problem was adequately addressed. The lanyards can be easily slipped over the head even during the morning rush to the office. Credentials are now prominently displayed for everyone to see. Distinguishing actual company personnel from outsiders or visitors has also turned out to be very easy.

These lanyards are also a breeze to take off. There are no small pins to unfasten, which can be troublesome for arthritis sufferers or individuals with nerve problems.

When swiping IDs for identification purposes, these lanyards are long enough to reach a mounted card reader. Moreover, RFID cards that require no contact from a card reader can be effortlessly lifted from the chest area for a quick sweep in front of a sensor.

2. Convenience

ID Lanyards make it convenient for company employees and visitors to comply with regulations regarding the proper wearing of ID cards at all times. The names of personnel can be readily seen by customers, as well as co-workers for easy dealing and interaction.

3. Security and Safety

ID Lanyards offer a sure way of boosting visibility in many business establishments. For security reasons, only bona-fide personnel should be given access to sensitive areas within the office. When these lanyards are worn, recognizing outsiders from authorized personnel becomes easier, even in large gatherings like concerts, trade shows and other corporate events.

4. Affordable


These lanyards are so affordable and can easily fit in the company’s budget. It is also cost-effective and durable. Its wide range of design and colors offers a wide variety of options for large and small companies.

Costing less than a dollar, these lanyards can also be used for a long time. They can’t be easily lost or misplaced, unlike ID pins or clips.

5. Personalized lanyards

ID Lanyards can be easily personalized with the brand logo or a particular design preference. With so many colors and styles to choose from, company names, logos or texts can be printed to fit the width and length of the lanyards.

Lanyards are made of the following materials :

• Woven :

In Polyester material: Polyester is a very sturdy material. It is resistant to wrinkling, mildew and abrasion.

•Microweave :

Made of ribbed polyester, it is the most popular material to use in making lanyards. Micro-weave fabrics are resistant to molds and considered to be allergen barriers.

• Optiweave :

This material is made of strong woven nylon and is flat-braided. It’s a good choice for silkscreen printing.

• Ultraweave :

Ultraweave is made of light, satiny polyester and is a porous material. It allows air to pass through the material, making it “breathable.”

• Flat Woven :

Made of textured polyester, it is economical to use and usually chosen by companies with budget constraints.

Lanyard ID lanyard is a keychain that is meant to be worn around the neck.Used in schools, offices, and events, ID lanyards serve as holders for the essentials of people who live and work in the 21st century.

Beaded Badge Lanyards: What Makes Them Great to Use

Badge lanyards have become an acceptable tool to hold identification cards. Gone are the days when people have to pin their cards into their uniform. Today, companies opt for lanyards for this task instead.

As lanyards are being used by companies, there are people who are now opting for their fashionable designs. Yes, companies may have their very own lanyards to give to their employees, but there are some companies that are not so strict with this requirement. This is where beaded lanyards come in.

What makes beaded lanyards great to use?
•    Beaded lanyards are fashionable.

It is normal for women to opt for more fashionable items. In the case of card holders, beaded lanyards do the trick. These are colorful, customizable, and even affordable. They can get away with these lanyards paired with their corporate attires. Women tend to display classier looks with these card holders.

ID LanyardsSome women, however, tend to be playful with their lanyards. They opt for more colorful ones instead. Companies in the marketing business or graphic design business have employees who also play with their lanyards – opting bright colored beads or multi-colored ones.

While women do have more fun with these badge lanyards, men too can have a masculine piece of their own. There are beaded lanyards with masculine colors. These can come in a simple set of black beads which can be displayed at work to hold identification cards.

Actual beads used also vary from piece to piece. They can be sterling silver, hematite, magnetic, pearls and toggle clasps. Others also come in turquois, onyx, and topaz.

•    Comes in different lengths

Beaded lanyards also come in different lengths. These can easily fit any body type which allows user to select the right length to avoid looking more awkward when worn.

The most popular type of beaded lanyards worn is about 32 inches and 34 inches in length. Manufacturers usually get orders from clients who wish their beaded lanyards to have a specific length.

Of course, when you do order for beaded lanyards, you need to specify the type of beads to use. These can affect the length of your lanyards. Some companies opt for those that they can easily give away since these fashionable items are great gifts especially to women.

•    These are both functional and fashionable

You have just read how beaded badge lanyards are great fashion statements. However, it doesn’t limit their ability to be functional as well.

Nurses and doctors can wear beaded lanyards too. These don’t just provide fashion but can also help them tend to the patients as these hold their identification cards around their necks. They can easily go out of the hospital with these stylish card holders too.

However, since these are beads, you can’t use them when working in factories. These may break apart and cause accidents instead of helping employees work more freely with their hands. There are chances when these lanyards can get caught in the machine and break apart – with beads getting stuck in the machine’s inner parts.

Beaded badge lanyards are great not just as fashionable items or for identification card holders. These are great gifts too. You can give it to your friends with their birth month beads such as topaz and pearl. You can also have it customized according to the person’s lucky color.

While many companies do opt for more customized woven badge lanyards, you can still opt for the beaded ones. You can either have yours ordered via manufacturers who can customize it for you or via shops that cater to such accessories. Either way, these are great fashion and functional statements that you can wear and hold your identification cards with.

The design, normally depend on the purpose for which the custom lanyards will be used.Decorate your custom lanyard with a high quality badge holders or badge reel.Visit for more details.

How to Care For Golf Shoes

Golfers, both beginners and experts, ensure that golf shoes are properly cleaned and cared for. Such task is essential primarily because wearing good shoes keeps a player comfortable and balanced while on the golf course. This also guarantees that the shoes last for a longer period of time since golfers, especially those who love the game and the scenery, usually spend lots of time walking.

Keeping shoes in good and top form at all times is definitely an easy task, which should be done to save not only money but also strokes.

Listed below are just some proven ways on properly and successfully cleaning and caring for shoes.

These can be performed by simply using materials such as rags, shoe trees, and shoe wax.

A dampened rag can be utilized to get rid of dirt, grass, and excess residue present on the shoes. This task should be done after each round of golf to prevent stains. This rag can also be used to remove dust and mud from the soles. Using a solution prepared by mixing soap and water is not necessary, but this might be needed to clean shoe wrinkles that are oftentimes found on the upper part of the shoes, which more often than not, are made of either leather or synthetic materials.

Golf ShoeUsing shoe trees is also important, especially in reducing creases in leather shoes. It also helps in maintaining the flexibility and form of the golf shoes. A golfer can opt for either plastic or wood, which does not only ensure that shoes remain comfortable and last for a long time, but also guarantees that more cash is saved.

Applying shoe wax and polish at least once a month can also help in preserving the shoes for golfing. These moisten the upper synthetic leather of the shoes. Aside from making certain that the shoes last long, shoe wax and polish make shoes appear aesthetically pleasant.

The spikes of the shoes should also be checked on a regular basis. People who regularly play golf (that would be twice a week), are highly advised to replace the shoe spikes at least once every two months. If the spikes are not habitually replaced, these can be worn out and thus could be a little difficult to take out when a player wants to change them. Worn spikes can cause instability while performing a swing.

Expert and regular golfers normally have at least two to three pairs of golf shoes. This way, they are able to switch shoes every now and then. Alternating shoes also ensures that the shoes naturally dry right after cleaning, or after applying wax and shoe polish. Aside from this, switching between two pairs of shoes helps in keeping not only the shape of the shoes but also the level of comfort.

The insoles of the shoes should also be given the same amount of care and attention, just like the soles and uppers. When it comes to cleaning insoles, they should first be removed from the shoes and placed in a basin with a mixture of warm water and mild soap. An old toothbrush can be used to remove dirt and excess residue from the insoles. However, when it comes to leather insoles, a clean wet rag should be used for cleaning.

Now, the insoles have to be dried out using a clean rag. The best way to dry the insoles is to wrap them in a dry towel for at least one day. For leather insoles, it is best to keep them from direct heat, which can lead to cracking.

Lastly, use a shoe spray with a sweet smell, so that the golf shoes do not stink before wearing them once again.

How safe are Rubber Bracelets?

The popularity of the rubber bracelets also marks the start for companies to specialize in these products. This is the reason why you see the rise of online stores who sells these products. However, you cannot only buy these products online. There are also many stores where you can visit and buy them. In fact, they are advertising their products and you can place your order. There are some housewives and non-working individuals that already started making their own bracelets at home.

If you are planning to make your own rubber bracelets at home, do know that it is so easy. There is no big amount of money involved. In fact, you can even find some of the materials or items right in your own home. For example, if you have an old rubber band or those used by your daughter, you can make use of those items. If you do not have those items in your home, you can even start asking your friends and relatives if they have any of those items. After you collected those items, it is now time to start making your own bracelets.

Here are some suggestions as to what style of rubber bracelets you can make:

Rubber bracletsFirst, the fish ball band bracelets. It is considered to be one of the easiest bracelets to make. In fact, even a five-year old child can make it. All you need is the right combination of colors and a hook which can be bought anywhere. Next is the rainbow-ladder bracelet. This finished product will eventually look like a ladder. It really takes a lot of time and effort to really learn how to make this kind of bracelet. And Last, the Mine craft Creeper Rubber Bracelet. This is one of the most famous rubber bracelets. This type of bracelet is similar to the rainbow ladder. The only difference is that makes use of more rubbers than the rainbow-ladder. These are just some the styles that you can make. However, if you are creative enough you can even experiment your own style.

Difference between Rubber and Silicone Bracelets

Two of the most popular wristbands or bracelets are the rubber and silicone bracelets. However, how can one distinguish one from the other? Rubber ones are made of 100% latex or rubber. They can be found under the tissues of rubber trees. After they are exposed to the air it is the only time that it becomes hard. On the other hand, silicone is often mistaken for the metallic alloy silicon. Silicone is a polymer that often includes carbon, oxygen, and silicon. They are use most often in the manufacture of household products because they are so strong and durable. Once the silicone had been made into a wristband there is no way that it can be recycled.

How safe are these bracelets?

For those who will be wearing these rubber bracelets for the first time, their first concern is safety. They are concern if it would be safe especially for children. A man once get so concerned when he saw her daughter after wearing these bracelets for quite a number of hours her wrist became white and caused her to panic. According to a physician, this band sometimes causes constriction of the blood flow and may sometimes be harmful. After learning this, the physician became concerned for children especially those who wear numerous of these bands at a time.

Well, parents do not need to worry if they saw their children wearing a few of these bracelets. But if they saw their children wearing many of these bracelets all at the same time, maybe they should start worrying about it.

Friendly Tips in Using Iron On Patches

Iron on patches offer several decorating possibilities. You can use them for quilting, home decoration, scrap booking, crafting and of course on clothes. You can actually add them to anything that can be ironed. However, with the new materials and fibers used in manufacturing the mentioned options, choosing the right fabric can be challenging. You need to do some testing unless you are just doing simple things like adding a patch on a pair of jeans.

Iron On PatchesIf you haven’t done this before for any material, you need to test the process first. To test, you can buy an inexpensive patch and iron it out on an old garment or fabric scrap. By doing this, you will be able to get a good feel for the process. It is important that you know what technique will work best with the material you are using.

If you want your iron on patches to stay longer in place, you can use a bit of glue or hand sewing to secure them. For heirloom quilt, you can iron your patches first to position them properly and then sew the edges.

Things to Remember

There are things that you need to remember when using iron on’s. All manufacturers suggest sewing on patches for permanency. If you apply your patches on materials that require hot water when washing and drying, then you need to sew it. If not you don’t have to do it, iron on patches can be safely washed and dried. Keep in mind that too much heat applied on a patch may loosen a patch. The heat that your patch can survive is the same amount of heat that your fabric can take.

Here is a list of things that you need to remember when applying patches.

1.  Do not apply these patches on waterproof rainwater, rayon, very elasticized fabrics, nylon, leather, rayon or similar materials. If you are not sure, test it by ironing a hidden hem or seam to determine how much heat the material can take.

2.  When washing, don’t forget to turn the garment inside out. This is very important particularly for hot fix iron on’s as washing machine may damage individual stones.

3.  Do not use hot dryer or hot water or you will lose the patch. You can iron them again, but if they start to loosen, you need to apply fabric glue to re-attach them.

4.  Iron only on one layer of fabric. For jean leg or t-shirt, use a Teflon sheet or another piece of clean fabric between the two layers to make sure no glue will pass through the other side that may bond the two fabrics. This is very important with open-weave or sheer material. The adhesive used for iron on patches is very sticky. If you accidently bond the two fabrics, you can reheat to separate the fabric, but it may damage the fabric permanently.

5.  For stiff fabric that may have lot of fabric sizing, you need to pre-wash it before ironing the patch. The glue might not stick well on the fibers that make up your fabric.

6.  Do not try to iron patches on any type of vinyl or leather material. These materials cannot take the required heat. You can still add patches on it with glue. You can test the glue first on the material before attaching the patches.

7.  In case the patch becomes loose, you can attach it again using fabric craft glue.

Iron on patches can transform a simple fabric or material into something special. You can choose from hundreds of designs available. Keeping these tips in mind will make your patching experience fun and easy.

We have the experience and knowledge to provide whatever quality patch size you need! We use that quality experience to design some great-looking iron on patches to your exact specifications!

Multiple Listing Service and Its Benefits

Those who are trying to look for a home or are attempting to sell their own usually seek the help of MLS, or multiple listing service. The home information found here is typically shared by real estate experts in an attempt to make a successful sale. Usually, what happens is that listing agents provide all the necessary information regarding a residential property for sale and when a broker successfully brings a buyer, the commission will be shared between them. Basically, an MLS is a database containing a home’s particular characteristics, such as its age, area in square feet, number of rooms, nearby schools and important offices, and many more. However, the information that is shown to the public is quite limited, so you would have to ask your listing agent for more information on the home you’re interested in.


Find a house is one thing, but it’s another thing to find the perfect location that suits your needs. Long Island is a pretty popular location because it is near a beach and it is just two hours away from New York City. For this reason, it’s considered as one of the best suburban places in the US. If you are looking for a new home or selling a property in Long Island, NY, here are some reasons why MLS Long Island is the way to go:

Find Homes with Your Criteria

With MLS Long Island, it is quite easy to search for a home that matches your specific needs. Many websites offer search filters by zip code, cities, neighborhoods, price range, and number of bedrooms and baths. They also help you choose a home based on property type, whether it’s a house, a condominium unit, or a parcel of land. Using the advanced search option will lead you to further narrow down the results according to home style, school district, or even the presence of a swimming pool.

Know Much Cash You Really Need

If you seek the help of MLS Long Island, you would already have an idea how much you should prepare for the overall transaction. The listing agents will let you know how much the real estate taxes will be, and how much mortgage you should pay. In addition, they will also advise you on the costs of utilities of the property you’re interested in.

Advertise Your Home to Buyers All Over the US

If you are selling your home, MLS Long Island can help you promote your home on a wider scale. Nowadays, people use the internet as their first choice for finding homes because it is easier to narrow down search choices electronically. Although they may still choose to find homes for sale by browsing through owner sites, newspaper ads, open houses, or oculars, ad placement on the internet still proves to be more powerful.

Everything You Need to Know About Article Writing

Before you can really improve your article writing skills, you need to understand the different facets of writing this genre. Elements make up an article while characteristics identify it from any other genre. As to elements, articles are similar with other writing in paragraph form. What makes writing articles different from the other genres? Find out below.

The Elements

Like any other paragraph-form writing, elements refer to the headline, introduction, body and conclusion. The headline, otherwise known as title, is oftentimes catchy. The headline alone tells the reader what to expect in reading the article.

Introduction sometimes refers to as the lead in news articles, provides a glimpse of the discussion in the body. Sometimes, article introduction starts with an anecdote, especially if it is a feature article.

Article-WritingThe article body consists of and discusses the information that a reader is looking. Lastly, conclusion summarizes the key points discussed in the body of the article. It may contain a final quote or the opinion of the writer, depending on the kind of article.

The Classifications

Publication articles, web content, journals and professionally written articles are the general classifications of article writing. Articles in publication, the web, and written by professionals are usually short. Journals are longer and may consist of more than 10 pages.

Publication articles refer to content that you read in the traditional way of publishing. News articles, specialty or general interest magazines are examples of publication articles.

News articles generally give information about current events, both local and international. These articles usually answer the what, who and where questions. Throughout the articles, the writer mentions references, which may be the name of the person or the company involved with the event. Newspapers are great sources of news articles.

On the other hand, general interest magazines talk about the general topic. A classic example of general interest publication is Reader’s Digest. Specialty interest magazines are specific and cater to a specific group of individuals. Most often, the topic includes hobbies, personal development for women, pets and sports, among others. An example of specialty magazine is Cosmopolitan. The article writer discusses the topic based in own knowledge or experiences and may or may not mention a specific reference. Articles are generally for entertainment purposes and to promote well-being. 99centarticles will provide all details about  different classification of article writing.

Web content refers to articles published online either in a site or in article directories. These sites publish articles with general or specific topics, depending on the purpose of the site. If it is a business site, expect to read everything about that particular business. Another classic example is a blog site. Web article purpose is to entertain readers and provide general information. Article writing in the web requires short, concise sentences for readability purposes.

Journals are purely for academic purposes. The journals contain specific terminologies that relate and describe the topic. Most often, these terminologies are scientific or clinical in nature. Journals are the product of research. They are published to help improve education and inform scientists about new discoveries. Journal authors cite detailed references in the footnote or endnote and in the bibliography.

Professionally written articles talk about a specific profession and contain terminologies that are particular to the specific industry. Oftentimes, information in the articles is very accurate. Citations are also required. Article authors are industry experts and degree holders of the specific profession.

The Characteristics

An article contains factual accounts about an event or a topic; thus, it must be informative. Since articles inform people, the writer should be objective and use third person point of view. At the same time, articles should also be engaging and interesting to read – from introduction until the conclusion.

Specific to a web article is its optimization quality. Articles contain keywords or key phrases. These keywords help the search engines return relevant articles for the web users. Another unique characteristic of web articles is its structure. Sentences are short and must describe the topic in clear, concise manner.

The Common Mistakes

One common mistake in article writing is using jargons and filler words and sentences. In informative articles, a writer should avoid such mistake as this eliminates the purpose of the article. Another common mistake is using the passive sentence. Passive sentence creates informality and may seem unprofessional.

Article WritingRedundancy and repetitive sentences are also common mistakes in writing articles. Redundancy refers to the repetition of words that mean the same in one sentence. One classic example is TIN number. Repetitive sentences are reading the same sentence in different paragraphs.

Lengthy paragraphs reduce the readability of an article, so avoid this mistake. Break down the article in short paragraphs, most probably, three to five sentences per paragraph. Lastly, some article writers use too many questions in an article. Readers are looking for answers, not the other way around.

Article writing is not easy. Make it too formal and your article ends up looking like an essay, but if you know the basics, it could be fun and rewarding.

Customizing Your Coins: The Challenge Coin

Custom coins are probably one of the best gift ideas you can present at a wedding or event. They come in all shapes and sizes, as well as designs that are only limited by one’s imagination.

However, not a lot of people know where this idea came from. Historically speaking, coins have always been used as legal tender, nothing else. But that’s not the case. There is a kind of coin that can’t be used as legal tender, but is still dead useful: the challenge coin. Here’s a peek at what could be the origin of all custom coins in existence.

What is a challenge coin?

In today’s world, custom coins can be found everywhere. But as far as the challenge coin goes, it is something that used to be exclusive to the military. A challenge coin is a small medallion or token that signifies someone’s membership to the military or, by today’s standards, an organization.

challenge coinsChallenge coins are typically larger than your average coin, about 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. They can be rounded, like a regular coin, or they can be made into unusual shapes depending on the one who had them made. Much like regular coins, they’re made from metals like pewter, copper, or nickel. Designs on the coins themselves range from the simple – like a company logo or an organization’s insignia – to something that’s just downright unique.

Where did it come from?

The challenge coin is deeply tied to the military, although its roots are uncertain. There is a story set in World War I that has persisted through the years, which many people believe is the first account of someone using challenge coins.

It tells of a rich American officer giving bronze medallions to his men. These medallions have been struck with the flying squadron’s insignia. The story goes that one of the members of this squadron was shot down and captured by German forces. They took everything that can be found on the young flying ace, aside from the small pouch that he wore on his neck, which contained the medallion.

The pilot escaped his captors and made it to France. Alas, without any formal way of identifying himself, the pilot was thought of as a spy and sentenced to death. The only way the pilot prevented his death was by presenting the medallion given to him by his commanding officer. One of the French soldiers recognized the insignia, confirmed the man’s identity with his Regiment, and was sent back to his unit.

Origins of the actual term “challenge coin,” on the other hand, can be traced back to World War II. A story goes that Americans stationed in Germany took one of the local traditions, a “pfennig check,” and made it their own thanks to their unit’s medallions. A pfennig check involved calling a check for a pfennig, the lowest coin denomination in Germany, and whoever did not have one had to buy the beer. The Americans later evolved it to using their unit’s medallion. A “challenge” was issued by someone holding their unit’s medallion. All members of the unit present at the time are required to show theirs. Whoever doesn’t have their medallion buys the challenger a drink. If, however, everyone challenged was able to show their unit’s medallion, the challenger had to buy everyone a drink.

Since then, challenge coins have made it outside the ranks of the military. Every president since Bill Clinton has had a challenge coin made just for them. Usually commemorative, they are used during events that the president attends, as well as being gift shop items for the general public. An official challenge coin, however, is given by the president himself.

Apart from the president, a lot of organizations have taken up the trend of handing out custom coins. From federal government employees to cosplay groups, custom coins have made their mark not only as awards or rewards for outstanding service; they’ve also kept their purpose as a form of identification and membership.

Hiring the perfect keynote speaker

You want to hire a keynote speaker for your organization or company, but you are still quite unsure as to how you can find the right one. Good news: there are several excellent and professional keynote speakers out there that you can choose from. Bad news: it is hard to choose from them because, again, there are just too many of them.

keynote speaker

By default, professional keynote speakers are highly competitive with each other. One will always claim that he or she is the best option, and this can sometimes be crucial to your decision-making. However, this does not necessarily mean that they aren’t really the best resort; it only means that you have to choose the one that will totally fit your needs.

With that said, here are some tips that can help you pick the best keynote speaker for you!

  • Identify first the date as well as the location in which you would want to have your event. This will sort of help you cut down the list of possible keynote speakers for the said event. Of course, if a keynote speaker isn’t available on that schedule, it only means you will not have to choose that person.
  • Consider your budget. Since you will have to pay for the speaker, you have to choose the one that you can actually afford. You will also have to consider the cost of the speaker’s travel, so it is better if you would hire a speaker whose location is relatively closer to yours.
  • Think about why you actually need a keynote speaker. Most organizations hire a speaker because they want them to motivate, educate, initiate a change, promote the organization or the company, raise the funds, entertain, and many more. Identifying your purpose for hiring a keynoter will help you also identify what type of speaker you will most likely hire, which in turn narrows down your list. For instance, if you need a speaker because you want your organization to be promoted, you will then hire a speaker whose expertise include promotion. The speaker has to be engaging enough to catch the people’s attention.
  • You will also need to do some research about some of the potential speakers you have in mind. Look for their professional background and find out whether that they have already been successful in the past. You are looking for the best speaker, after all.
  • Ask for references from your friends or colleagues, most especially if this is your first time to look for a keynote speaker. You can use your networks to be directed to one that you are looking for. If you know someone who has already worked with keynote speakers, you can probably ask him or her to recommend one for you. Likewise, you can also consult the internet regarding this. Be careful when you are looking online, though, because you will most likely encounter fake ones out there.
  • You will also have to think through the demographic characteristics of your audience, for this will also have an impact on what type of speaker is the best for you. Do you want speakers who will most likely appeal to the general audience, or do you need someone who will only appeal to a specific audience segment (e.g. a group of women)? If you think that this particular speaker won’t seem appropriate for your audience, then it is best for you to not choose that speaker.
  • You also need to come up with the decision makers for your program who will plan out the program. Make sure that the vision and plans that the decision makers have are in line with the speaker that you choose.
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Professional keynote speakers are best in speeches and grab attention of audience. They speak smoothly and this will be needed in decision making.

Common Concepts and Terms on PCB Assembly

PCB assembly is perhaps one of the most important technological advancements of the 20th century. For one, the modern and compact gadgets of today would never have existed without the use of PCBs.

PCB AssemblyActually, almost all electronic devices that exist today utilize PCBs for them to function. They are so common and essential that many people are not really aware of the concepts and terminologies used in PCB assembly. This article will enlighten regular folks on these concepts and terms so that they can better appreciate the benefits of printed circuit boards.

PCB structure

1. A PCB is made up of many layers depending on what kind of PCB it is. The three common types of PCBs are: single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer. The names are based on the number of copper layers it has.

2. Substrate is the main layer located at the center of a PCB. It provides stability to the board.

3. Copper is the most common conducting layer used.

4. Single-sided PCBs have only one copper coating on one side of the substrate.

5. Double-sided PCBs have two layers of copper, usually coated on both sides of the substrate.

6. Multi-layer PCBs have three or more layers of copper stacked in between layers of substrate.

7. Solder mask is the layer on top of the copper. This shields the PCB from oxidation and other contaminants. It also prevents electrical components from short circuiting.

8. Lastly, the outermost layer is a silkscreen, which is primarily used for labeling of electronic parts.

PCB circuit pattern plating

1. The circuit pattern is created on the copper layer using any of two methods: additive or subtractive.

2. In the additive method, copper is directly electroplated on top of the substrate basing on the circuit design.

3. In the subtractive method, the whole surface of the substrate is covered with copper, and then the pattern is made by etching away the parts that are not included in the circuit design.

4. There are many different methods of etching, and one of the most popular is chemical etching, which typically uses a ferric chloride or hydrochloric acid solution.

PCB components mounting

1. There are two methods to mount electrical components onto a PCB: through-hole technology and surface-mount technology.

2. Through-hole uses holes drilled in the board. The electrical parts are made with legs, which are inserted into the holes and soldered on the other side of the board to mount.

3. Surface-mount does not use any holes as the components are directly soldered on top of the board.

4. In a multi-layer PCB, components of the different layers are all linked together using conductor-plated holes called vias.

After all the electronic parts of a circuit are soldered in place, the PCB assembly is now set to be used according to its design.

Common PCB Terms

The following are some terminologies that you will typically encounter when reading about or studying PCBs.

1. Annular ring – a ring made of copper that is placed around a plated hole.

2. Via – a plated hole that goes through in the board. It is used to connect electrical components from different layers together.

3. AutoCAD –computer software used in designing circuits for PCB assembly. CAD stands for “Computer-Aided Design.”

4. BOM – acronym of “Bill of Materials.” It is a list of the electronic parts of a particular PCB design which contains references, descriptions, and/or other special instructions that describe each component. It is typically used for purchasing components.

5. CAM or CAM files – acronym for “Computer-Aided Manufacturing.” These are software files used to create PCBs.

6. Electroplating – The process of positioning a metal conductor on top of a PCB substrate.

7. Slots – are holes in the circuit board which are not circular in shape.

8. Trace – an unbroken path of conductive material.

9. Finger – bare conductive pads found at the edge of a PCB that are used to make a link between circuit boards.

10. Drill hit – the locations on the board where holes should be drilled. It is based on the specified design.

These are only some of the most common concepts and terms when it comes to PCB assembly. You can find out more as you research further.

Dubai Hotel Apartments On the Rise

Dubai has become a central hub for the entire globe as it has been called the gateway between the east and the west.  It has become the center of tourism and trade for almost all nationalities.  Thus, it has become a challenge for the country to provide tourists, travelers and businessmen with residential buildings, which match the needs of the guests.

Hotels in dubai

There is an 88% hotel occupancy in Dubai, perhaps the largest in the world.  There are hotels, but since 2010, hotel apartments have been on the rise.  Hotel apartments are full-size apartments that come with hotel amenities and facilities.  And most guests prefer this kind of pampering, as life in Dubai is busy and fast.

The popularity of Dubai hotel apartments has boomed over the past years, that searching for one has become easy over the internet.  They are now available in most areas in Dubai, catering to the needs of the traveler.  These hotel apartments provide the traveler convenience because they can be rented for short-term or annual terms.  Another benefit of these hotel apartments is that there are no utility bills and extra charges that need to be settled.  All the expenses involved in occupying the apartment is already included in the bill.  All the facilities are set-up such that it is a hassle-free property where one can easily move in.

Amenities are a given.  Wi-fi is almost always provided for easier communication to people in their homes or offices back in their native countries.  One can cook their own meals inside the apartment, and this is another convenience for the traveler who cannot easily find their food of choice when they travel to other countries.  It is just like being in one’s own home, but in another land, with all the benefits of privacy and the convenience of immediate assistance when needed.

Dubai has also become home to more than 2 million people from 200 different nationalities.  It has earned the reputation of being the hottest shopping destination. Thus, there is a need to provide all visitors and travelers with the most comfortable accommodation in Dubai.  Dubai hotel apartments provide a variety of accommodation in different categories and levels.  These hotel apartments offer spacious accommodations with all the amenities required for a comfortable stay.

Hotel apartments now make up a lot of the hospitality market in Dubai, because it has become popular with people from different nations, most especially with those who come from Saudi Arabia, the main reason is that these hotel apartments are generally alcohol-free and this has become the preferred arrangement by observant Muslim guests.

Moreover, Dubai hotel apartments can accommodate the eclectic mix of races that the country receives.  There are hotel apartments near the beach to serve most of the European and British demand.  Establishments located near or downtown welcomes most Asian travelers.

Comfortable accommodationWith Dubai becoming the destination of choice in the past years, these hotel apartments will still boom in the coming seasons, along with Dubai’s fast growth in tourism and commerce.  Each year, more and more expats arrive to live and do business in Dubai.  Since it’s the gateway between the east and the west, this has also become the hub for business meetings, where residents of Europe and Asia can meet halfway without literally crossing half of the globe.  Moreover, with impressive shopping and leisure facilities, it is likewise preferred by any resident from other countries.  And the convenience and hospitality that Dubai hotel apartments offer to their visitors also give another plus-factor to Dubai as a destination.

It is no wonder then that visitors and tourists prefer to stay in Dubai hotel apartments rather than the usual hotel.  It’s the comfort of the home, with the first-class amenities of hotels worldwide.